There are tons of tools that do EXIF/metadata analysis of files, but nothing seemed to tick all the many, often contradictory, boxes I wanted ticking. The more fully functioned ones are online apps, and the offline offerings are difficult from a security standpoint. Most could deal with Images but not PDF, or PDF but not Word docs etc.

I wanted something that was fast, portable, offline and would allow for a reasonable amount of in-program analysis of the data.

It’s still the 90’s and 70mb is too big for a file. I can fit 29 copies of the hit video-game Doom in that space.
It’s because of Pandas. For any non-Pythonistas (apparently that’s a term…), Pandas is a database library – it’s great, and it allows for a really easy setup of the data tools MI has in it, but the flip side is it’s a very big library and there’s not much you can do about it. I’ll be making a cut down version without the database library shortly (which should take it down to the size of about 4 copies of Doom) but it’ll look rubbish and you’ll moan about that instead.

It takes a while to start and I’m angry about that.
This is due to it being one executable file, and thus portable. It has to unpack itself each each time you want to use it, and it doesn’t do that particularly efficiently. I may make other versions available which can be installed and therefore load up more quickly in the future.

Why isn’t it Open Source?
Because I’m embarrassed by my coding, and don’t want anyone to see the patchwork of global variables and poorly thought out functions holding it together. If I stop working on it, I’ll let all the source code loose. If you’ve got a burning desire to help out (and have some actual coding ability rather than just great ideas) then use the contact form to get in touch and I’ll share the source with you.

At least tell me what libraries you used?
Tkinter, reversegeocoder and Pandastable. Pandastable is fantastic, and has asked for the following citation which is gladly given: Farrell, D 2016 DataExplore: An Application for General Data Analysis in Research and Education. Journal of Open Research Software, 4: e9, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5334/jors.94

I named my files poorly, why don’t you have thumbnails of my images so I know which ones are which?
This caused a lot of lag in processing times. One of the goals of this software is to allow for doing large batches of images (100+) and grabbing thumbnails slowed it down a bit too much. I may do a super fully functioned version too at some point (possibly for a very small fee) with all sorts of stuff like Thumbnails, Error Level Analysis, Timelines and GPS plotting. Maybe.

MI can’t find any metadata on my beloved file format, *.beeblebrox.
The goal is for as many file types as possible to be included. If you have a file type you want included (and one you know contains metadata of some sort – some don’t) then let me know and I’ll try my best.

You’ve not released on FreeBSD/Linux/Atlas Supervisor – don’t you know it’ll be the future of computing?
I’m getting to it.