I’ve been relatively quiet for the last few months, and that’s because I’ve been working on a completely new tool for analysing images. This aims to be a much leaner, lightweight tool for those that just need to quickly analyse an image for obvious manipulation.

Get it here:

Windows: Image Interrogator v0.1 (hosted on Github)

The main features of Image Interrogator are as follows:

  1. Error Level Analysis
  2. Image adjustments (sharpening, contrast, edge detection etc.)
  3. Basic Metadata Analysis
  4. Completely offline.

There were a few reasons behind creating this tool;
First and foremost was that a number of customer verification and counter-fraud teams that I’ve worked with have expressed a need for a really quick tool to be able to do some basic (primarily visual) analysis before diving into the metadata/further checks. Their main tool seems to currently be Paint, so anything is an upgrade at that point.

Secondly, whilst there are some great online tools for conducting visual analysis methodologies like Error Level Analysis (a prime example being Forensically), it’s difficult to find offline tools that do the same thing. Using online tools can be risky, and (serious time) in Europe you need to make sure you have a data processing agreement with each online service you use to analyse images (https://gdpr.eu/what-is-data-processing-agreement/) so it’s important to have an offline option. This software doesn’t phone home at all, and feel free to block it in firewalls (as you should do with all software that doesn’t specifically need to use the internet!).

Finally, I’ve been using the fantastic Nuitka in creation of this tool – for those non-techy people, it basically just turns the code into a much faster, smaller program. Metadata Interrogator will be using this shortly to make it run faster (and a slightly smaller file size, much to the delight of those with 90’s HDs), but it’s a lot of work due to the third party libraries MI uses, so Image Interrogator is a way to get to grips with Nuitka before making the big change over.

As always, let me know your thoughts, comments, prophecies and predictions.

Image Interrogator v0.1 Released

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