It’s been a while but here’s a new release!

I’ve added in a new passport MRZ resolver as it’s been quite a requested function – most of the ones available are online only and whilst I’m sure they don’t scrape any data, it’s always good to be careful.

IPTC and PDF metadata was a little bit lacking previously – it was getting the main fields but getting stuck on some of the (admittedly less useful) fields. It should gather it all now. I’ve also made MI a lot better at grabbing creation type dates (still be careful with this!)

v0.7 – Callahan

  • Passport MRZ resolver. This is extremely alpha, but was requested by a few companies using MI as most tools for that are online.
  • Formatting/display improvements.
  • IPTC metadata now displays properly.
  • All fields added/calculated by MI (and not part of the metadata) now start with a *
  • MI tries harder to find a creation date – still be careful with this.
  • More metadata from PDF files, and removed some useless values.
  • ‘Select Folder’ now works again.

Get it here:

v0.7 released!

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