Version 0.6 has been a bit of a turning point for the project – I’d say that Metadata Interrogator now does what I wanted it to do when I set out to create it. I wouldn’t say it’s reached ‘v1.0’ yet, but it analyses a whole raft of metadata above just the usual EXIF data, it has a useful timeline and highlights some interesting data both in comparison between files and across a whole data set.

As it’s got to that stage, I don’t think it’s necessary to do quite so many small iterations, and so the move between 0.6 and 0.7 is going to be a big one and take some time to do. The below is a sort of road map on where I want to take the project.

  1. Performance – This is the big one, currently it takes far too long to load up and analyse files. To try to get better performance (and maybe a smaller file size?!) I’ll try to port it across to Nuitka ( I’ve heard fantastic things about it, and I’m sure it’ll improve things no end. Early tests have not ended well however, so time will tell if I can gather together enough goat entrails and black candles to make this work.
  2. Release on Mac and Linux – I’m holding off on this till I sort out Nuitka, but it’s a main priority after that.
  3. Installer version – Whether this is necessary depends on the gains I get from Nuitka – if they’re impressive I’ll keep it portable, however if not I’ll add a version that can be installed which will give faster access for regular users.
  4. Pre-computed Analysis – One thing I’m very interested in doing is doing analysis on large data sets of files to work out what ‘normal’ metadata drift on a single device looks like. As in, how many (and which) fields change as one smartphone takes 100 different pictures. This will then be built into the software to highlight where the differences aren’t ‘normal’.
  5. Overhaul the UI – The UI works, but it’s still a bit janky in parts. This isn’t a top priority as it all seems to work roughly fine for me, but it’s not ideal.

As always, any comments or suggestions would be great.

The road map from v0.6 to v0.7

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