This release of Metadata Interrogator is a bit of a turning point – it’s a lot more stable now and I feel that most of the bugs have been ironed out. I’ve also started on the ‘Data set analysis’ feature – this analyses all the files currently in the data table and looks for things of interest. At the moment it’s very basic, but I’ll be expanding it soon.

As always, if you have any requests for features in this exif and metadata analyser, I’d be very interested to hear them and then complain about how difficult it would be to implement them.

Change Log:

  • Basic Data Set Analysis; currently extremely basic, but it’s being worked on.
  • The only good bug is a dead bug, and I’ve squashed a lot of bugs.
  • New fancy icons.
  • MI should throw up more errors if you try to do something…erroneous.
  • Some very minor performance improvements.

Get it here:

v0.5 Released!

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