Ho, Ho, Ho,
Now I have a machi…Happy Christmas ! The best Christmas present of all has come:

Version 0.3 (named McClane – obviously) is released with two new, major features!

First and foremost, I’ve added in the Hachoir metadata libraries – these drag out even more metadata on a wider variety of files. Pretty much every major file type is now supported, with metadata on EXE’s, Videos and Audio files as well as all the previous ones. There may be some duplication in fields, which I’ll whittle down in future releases.

The second feature is basic comparison functionality to see what the differences are between two files. I hope to improve on this substantially in future releases, but it’s a start.

I’ve also cleaned up the UI substantially now that we know we’re sticking to the Pandastable version (see Trimming Down the Metadata Interrogator) and now that I’m happier with how it’s going I’ve laid the groundwork for easier expansion.

Change Log:

  • Added Hachoir parsing!
  • Rudimentary file comparison
  • Added Settings panel to help adjust the layout better.
  • Squashed a lot of bugs.
  • GUI resizing works properly now.
  • A few more (hopefully descriptive) error messages instead of it just quietly not working.
  • Complete separation of GUI and analysis in the code.

Get it here: https://github.com/globalcrimadmin/metadata/releases/download/McClane/Metadata.Interrogator.v03.exe

Version 0.3 Released

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