This site is the homepage of the Metadata Interrogator, Image Interrogator and Email Interrogator.
Tools specifically designed for law enforcement, investigators and counter-fraud agents.


All software runs completely offline, and is free for personal use. If you intend to use the software in a business or organisation, please get in Contact 

Metadata Interrogator

An offline metadata analysis tool for any file type. Includes offline GPS resolution and time-lining.


A fast, offline tool for image analysis; including Error Level Analysis.


A tool for quickly reading and analysing e-mail headers for anomalies. 


  • PDA Fraud on the Dark Web Report – February 2021 -
  • Metadata Interrogator – v0.8 released! - It’s been over a year since a public release – truly the worst thing that’s happened this year. This update is completely focused on stability and getting better metadata out of files – lots of serious (and weird) bugs have
  • Please don’t use unknown online services for customer verification. - I didn’t really know how to title this post, as the above seems almost too obvious. Unfortunately, I’ve found more and more private sector companies using random online services for customer verification and ‘OSINT’ work. I was finally prompted to
  • Image Interrogator – v0.2 released! - This release has mainly been about smartening up the interface as sometimes it would get thrown off by certain size images, too much metadata, too little metadata and pretty much anything else. Made the interface not overlap, and not panic
  • Image Interrogator v0.1 Released - I’ve been relatively quiet for the last few months, and that’s because I’ve been working on a completely new tool for analysing images. This aims to be a much leaner, lightweight tool for those that just need to quickly analyse