Metadata Interrogator – v0.8 released!

It’s been over a year since a public release – truly the worst thing that’s happened this year. This update is completely focused on stability and getting better metadata out […]

Image Interrogator – v0.2 released!

This release has mainly been about smartening up the interface as sometimes it would get thrown off by certain size images, too much metadata, too little metadata and pretty much […]

Image Interrogator v0.1 Released

I’ve been relatively quiet for the last few months, and that’s because I’ve been working on a completely new tool for analysing images. This aims to be a much leaner, […]

v0.7 released!

It’s been a while but here’s a new release! I’ve added in a new passport MRZ resolver as it’s been quite a requested function – most of the ones available […]

Interview on Forensic Focus

I’ve recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Forensic Focus! Have a read of the interview at the link below:

Social Engineering – basically just fraud.

I’ve been doing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering professionally for quite a while now – back from the days when it was just a GeoCities check to see if the […]

The road map from v0.6 to v0.7

Version 0.6 has been a bit of a turning point for the project – I’d say that Metadata Interrogator now does what I wanted it to do when I set […]

v0.6 Released!

This release is a particularly big one (like the last) and has some major changes in it. Firstly, I’m now using matplotlib for the analysis timeline, so it looks much, […]