A simple, lightweight tool for reading and analysing Email Headers. It’s extremely small (50kb), completely portable and, as always, works completely offline. This tool contains some basic analytical capabilities for ease of use, but it mainly just a convenient way to read through email headers to look for fraudulent content 

Note: Due to the nature of the program (a small standalone .exe file), Windows/Anti-virus programs have a tendency to block the file.  


  • Puts email headers in an easy to use format.
  • Highlights potential inconsistencies.
  • Works completely offline with no dependencies.
  • Small file size and portable.
  • Allows for easy saving and loading of results.

Download it for free here:
Windows: Email Interrogator v0.1 (hosted on Github)

II is free for personal use although I appreciate donations. If you want to use this for commercial use or in an organisation, please get in touch via the contact page.