Whilst many are aware of the Dark Web having marketplaces for drugs, those same marketplaces also sell fraud items and services. This ranges from credit cards and bank account logins, to fake identity documents. Take a look at some of the adverts below:

An advert for a number of fraudulent documents
A scan of a UK passport and Utility Bill

Whilst these sorts of fraudulent documents have always been for sale, the last 6-12 months have seen a rise in both sales and quality of product. This increase may well be driven by COVID-19 pushing more companies into online verification, along with a growth in general dark net market usage.

Hopefully, using Metadata Interrogator and Image Interrogator you’d be able to spot discrepancies that would highlight that these documents are fraudulent. Remember that many of these items for sale are either based on templates, or are old verification documents. Make sure to check that the documents you are looking at are current, and they show no signs in the metadata of using template/editing software.

You can read the full report on the current state of fraud on the dark web here: https://pdacounterfraud.co.uk/fraud-on-the-dark-web/

Fraud on the Dark Web Report – July 2020
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