It’s been over a year since a public release – truly the worst thing that’s happened this year.

This update is completely focused on stability and getting better metadata out of files – lots of serious (and weird) bugs have been squashed. This is at the cost of losing some of the more…experimental ways of dragging out bits of metadata. On review, none of this metadata was useful at all (even in the wildest scenarios I could come up with) so I feel it is a fair trade off for much better stability.

Be aware, a recently updated version of Windows 10 is required for this release. I can’t guarantee it will work without that.

v0.8 – Dunham

  • Migrated across to Python 3.7.
  • Improved tables and GUI responsiveness.
  • Improved error handling for weird dates.
  • Improved metadata extraction of PDF and PNG files to be more consistent.
  • Squashed many, many bugs.

Get it here:

Metadata Interrogator – v0.8 released!

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