This release is a particularly big one (like the last) and has some major changes in it. Firstly, I’m now using matplotlib for the analysis timeline, so it looks much, much better and allows for things like colour coding. Whilst it does bring with it a small performance drop, I’ll be using it for more analysis graphics in the future so I think it’s worth while. I’ve also made a lot of improvements to the data set analysis and match analysis functions.

This will probably be the last incremental release for a while – I’ll be publishing a road map shortly which shows what’s next on the agenda, but I feel it’s in a state now where Metadata Interrogator fulfils all of my original needs.

Change Log:

  • Migrated the timeline to MatPlotLib – this slightly slows down the loading time, but I think it’s well worth it and will be used for more analysis graphics in the future.
  • The timeline has been drastically improved, with a much better layout and ability to handle high numbers of files.
  • Colour coding for different file types has been implemented on the timeline .
  • The data set analysis function has been improved, and now lists file types in the set.
  • The file comparison function has been improved to more accurately show differences.
  • Minor performance improvements across the board, especially in analysis times.

Get it here:

v0.6 Released!

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