Currently, Metadata Interrogator comes in at a completely-unreasonable-in-this-day-and-age 76mb file size. As promised, an attempt was made to reduce the size of Metadata Interrogator by using a different table GUI (pure TKinter rather than Pandastable). Unfortunately, even with my best efforts the file size reduction wasn’t that significant – 76mb to 55mb.

Whilst it is a reduction in size (and I might be able to shave off another 5-10mb) – for the reduction in functionality (and extra work in maintaining two versions) it’s not really worth it.

Now that we’re in the age of widespread broadband, terabyte USB sticks and colour TVs I feel it’s a roughly acceptable file size, although do get in touch if you have a really burning use-case for a much smaller file size.

Going forward, I’ll be working on new functionality and optimising the load. I’ll also release a zipped package version which should run faster and still stay relatively portable.

Trimming down the Metadata Interrogator

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