Digital Document Forensics (DDF) is what Metadata Interrogator is all about really, it’s trying to gather as much information as possible from a file – especially any ‘hidden’ attributes that might give us clues to who/what/where/when/how the file was made. 

This has obvious utility in a number of sectors, but if you’re interested in using it for counter-fraud/customer validation/KYC then you might be interested in an online course that I run on the subject. Your keen forensic senses might be able to warn you this is a slightly promotional post.

At the moment, the course doesn’t use metadata interrogator as I’m not quite happy it’s stable enough (although hopefully that will change soon!) and the course itself is much wider in scope than just gathering metadata. You also get a fancy certificate.

The training course covers (amongst other things):

  • PDF, MS Office and Image file specific analysis 
  • Email Analysis
  • File Signature analysis/magic numbers
  • Best practice of evidence handling (Hashing/storage)
  • Creating a professional forensic report.

If you’re interested, head over to:

Digital Document Forensics Training

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